How Communication Tools can Improve Connectivity Across a Business

By Julien Codorniou, VP - Workplace, Facebook [NASDAQ: FB]

Julien Codorniou, VP - Workplace, Facebook [NASDAQ: FB]

Employees are the lifeblood of every business, and with 80 percent of workers on the frontline, it is vital we connect them to create an inclusive culture to increase business productivity.

Ensuring everyone has a voice is an essential part of a happy, successful organisation, and one way to do this is through connecting the entire workforce with collaboration tools. The benefits that collaboration tools can bring are well recognised, with our recent Deskless not Voiceless research revealing that 95 percent of business leaders understanding their value. However, at present only 56 percent have rolled them out.

"Having familiar communication tools within the workplace is a way to not only attract great talent, but also to retain it"

Employee Engagement

Our research also revealed that 17 percent of frontline workers have never spoken to their head office, a figure which falls to just 8 percent in organisations using collaboration tools. This can result in employees feeling less motivated and therefore more likely to do the bare minimum—impacting productivity, and possibly, even a business’ bottom line.

However, when employees have access to tools that allow them to share ideas and communicate effectively, it increases engagement, and ultimately, retention.

Giving Everyone a Voice

Providing a platform where employees of all positions, ages, genders and backgrounds have a voice should be top of a company’s priority list and should be seen as a competitive differentiator.

Communication tools almost double the number of people from 14 percent to 25 percent, who feel connected to the leadership team.. It is vital that leaders and HR professionals make employees feel valued and in a position to be heard.

Having familiar communication tools within the workplace is a way to not only attract great talent, but also to retain it. Millennials and Gen-Z workers expect to be able to communicate as quickly and easily inside the workplace as they do in their free time.

Allowing Ideas to Flow

The biggest blocker of ideas is the ability to deliver them. One in four people said their ideas were stifled because of poor communication.

Allowing ideas to develop and grow, allows a business to thrive. Communication tools motivate employees and provide a positive and successful culture where ideas are heard and transformed into a reality.

Connecting everyone means employees can collaborate no matter where they are based and create an environment where ideas can thrive. Communication tools should no longer be seen as an option, but a priority, if organisations are to attract and retain top talent.

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