Sanctifly: Marrying Business Traveling with Health and Wellness

Karl Llewellyn, Founder and CEO, Sanctifly Karl Llewellyn, Founder and CEO
So much for its charm. Business traveling is anything but delightful. Over the years, both frequently traveling employees and their employers have borne the brunt of the not-so-nice after-effects of business traveling. Long-haul flights spanning multiple time zones and inadequate time and support to recover, reenergize, or replenish was the norm. So stress became the bane of business travelers’ life. Per the various reports on employee health conducted by different organizations, stress and lack of sleep have been reported to bear a negative impact on the overall health of the business travelers. While travelers gained chronic health issues, companies, on the other hand, lost their productive employees to traveling hazards. However, millennials currently are in no mood to give up on their health and fitness. As business travelers, they want their traveling to be experiential and activity-driven. Wake up, employers!

As travel wellness creates buzz, more companies are volunteering to own up the health of their frequently travelling employees. In such a scenario, Sanctifly has come up with a hack that will result in a healthy business traveler, year on year. Sanctifly focuses on the proverbial ‘Me Time’ to provide a getaway to the beleaguered body of the business traveler. Simply put, Sanctifly allows business travelers to opt for more healthier choices during the travel downtime than resort to drinking, shopping, or ‘chomping steaks at the airport.’ “It can be anything that makes the business traveler feel better. A walk, shower, Yoga, massage, or chill by the swimming pool can reboot the human body and mental regimen, which is what we offer our members through the Sanctifly app,” says Karl Llewellyn, Founder and CEO of Sanctifly.

For Llewellyn, Sanctifly wasn’t an idea that came on a whim, but a well thought out antidote to one of the major HR problems. “Six years ago, I was that business traveler, one day, sat at an airport. Tired. Unwell.

Now, more than ever, travelers want to stay safe and healthy while on the road. Sanctifly is here to support travelers and employers return to travel and provide access to wellness options all over the world

Unhappy. Unwilling to shop, eat, or drink, and I said to myself there has to be a better way” Llewellyn reminisces. “I gathered feedback from friends (fellow business travelers) then researched and contracted leisure, wellness and fitness partners for three years to build the club that is Sanctifly today.” Sanctifly aggregates everything that is good for you to do at an airport and 5 miles around it. If the travel downtime is 10 minutes or more, travelers can open Sanctifly app and find their nearest ‘zen’. They just need to select where they are at, their idea of feeling better, and the time they have. Sanctifly instantly presents them with options, a healthier alternative to the airport.

“We are not a fitness app, but a wellness app and more companies are appreciative of our unique offering,” Llewellyn adds. Organizations can license Sanctifly based on the number of their employees who are frequent travelers. As a scalable platform, Sanctify can support employee sizes ranging from 100-100,000 at the cost of as little as $10 per employee. User onboarding is simple. The HR department of the respective travelers shares a unique activation code to the app as the employee benefit or rewards package.

The biggest telecom carrier in the UK is working with Sanctifly since 2018 in Ireland. The carrier regards the app as one of their best received and reported on rewards program— which speaks volumes of Sanctifly’s impact on employee wellbeing. More clients from the Fortune 500 companies are conducting trials even as Sanctifly pursues its idea of having 250,000 users in the next three years.

Presently covering 90 percent of all global airports with 20million+ passengers, Sanctifly plans to reach close to 100 percent in 2020. The relevancy of the data by studying one’s profile and preferences will be improved, opening up more real-time rewards from the employers. Sanctifly is changing the style of business traveling, upgrading everyone with wellness.
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Karl Llewellyn, Founder and CEO and Steven Shaw, CFO

Sanctifly is a global provider of healthy alternatives to airport downtime for the frequent business traveler. All members are granted exclusive access to a host of wellness activities along with fitness and leisure facilities via the Sanctifly worldwide airport network